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Candy Gift Tags

Candy Gift Tags

Total Time To Complete:
15 Minutes

Suitable for ages 3 - 12

Supplies Needed:
Assorted Nestlé® and Wonka® Holiday Candy
Small cellophane bags
Round Printer Labels (Avery 22830) or purchased self-adhesive gift tags
Optional Supplies: Single-hole punch, assorted ribbon and bows

This is one of those projects that can be as simple or as blinged out as you want to make it. Of course I knew my kids would be interested in the candy, but I was surprised how much they LOVED making these little gift tags. I'd just planned to make a few for the gifts I had ready, but my kids went CRAZY thinking of as many friends as they could to make them for. It didn't even bother them that there wasn't a gift to go with the gift tags. They just wanted to give their friends the little pouch of candy. You'll need some small cellophane bags, an assortment of your favorite Nestlé® and Wonka® candies, some self-adhesive gift tags of your own or you can print some of my labels. (Images on the labels used by permission from Coley of Digidoodle Doo Scrapbooking .) They have been designed to work with Avery Print-to-the-Edge Round Labels #22830 or the equivalent. If you don't want to purchase labels, you could use regular peal-and-stick gift tags and just write numbers onto them, or you can print these on cardstock and use tape to attach them. If you have them available, you might want to also have a single hole punch and assorted ribbon on hand.

G6 Simple Candy Gift Tags 1

G6 Simple Candy Gift Tags 2

You really can't go wrong with candy and chocolates, so we tried lots of different varieties. My personal favorite for this project, though, were the Nestlé® Crunch® and Nestlé® Butterfinger® Medallions…because hey…my kids could tell you, I'm a total chocolate girl. Plus the Nestlé® Medallions were the perfect size for one to fit in the bottom of my cellophane bags, and I liked the way Santa's face peaked out.

My cellophane bags were a little taller than I wanted them, so I trimmed them off 2-3 inches above the top of my candy.

G6 Simple Candy Gift Tags 3

Then I folded the top over toward the front about an inch and fastened it with my label.

G6 Simple Candy Gift Tags 4

By this point the kids were anxious to fill in with their names and their friends' names in the blanks. If you're just looking for a simple friend gift for your child to give to friends at school, you could stop here with a happy kid.

G6 Simple Candy Gift Tags 5

But it's really not much work to carry these forward and use them for gift tags on a larger gift. The simplest way to attach these to a gift is just add tape. You can hide the tape with a bow…

G6 Simple Candy Gift Tags 6

…because candy doesn't need a bow to make a gift exciting. (The packages of Fun Dip from the Wonka® Fun Dip Book were another favorite gift tag item)
I did have fun trying out some other ways to embellish them a little further. After the Nestlé® Medallions, the little boxes of Nerds that came in the Wonka® Frosty Nerds® Fun Books were my next favorite for the gift tags. They were also a good fit for the cellophane bags, and I just loved the way the red and green in the box showed through. For the gifts I used ribbon for, I used a single-hole punch to punch two holes near the top of the gift tag. Then threaded ribbon through from front to back.

G6 Simple Candy Gift Tags 7

I also used the singe-hole punch to punch two holes in the gift tag, to tie a ribbon through as embellishment, and then taped the gift tag on to the gift. And I think my very favorite look used straight ribbon taped on the back, coming around the front and through the holes in the gift tag.

G6 Simple Candy Gift Tags 8

And last, but not least, you can use a simple lunch sack-style bag.

G6 Simple Candy Gift Tags 9

Your gifts have never been so sweet…

Polly Carlson

Polly Carlson

The Simple Candy Gift Tags were created by blogger, Polly Carlson. To learn more about Polly, visit her blog at Pieces by Polly

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